CUREE Exhibits

Some examples of CUREE produced exhibits, which often focused on teaching STEM concepts and/or the history of scientific research and development are shown below.


The mission of the Kidzone Earthquake Exhibit in Riverside (later relocated to Hemet, CA) is to reach the local community, particularly elementary and secondary school children, with positive messages about studying the Earth and preparing for earthquakes; to provide a global to local perspective of how the earth changes; to promote empowerment of citizens by providing information and instruction regarding safety and mitigation; to motivate individuals to be active in hazard preparedness in their local communities.

The Kidzone Earthquake Education Advisory Committee, headed by Jill Andrews, assisted the staff of the Kidzone museum in its work with the Southern California Earthquake Center (and other interested parties) in the design, implementation, and development of a permanent Earthquake Exhibit. The committee advised and endorsed ideas that helped promote diversity of the programs, activities and materials.

shakezone models
shakezone models
shakezone model
shakezone models
shakezone model close-up