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Over the course of its 28 year history, CUREE had the honor of having many distinguished figures in the field of Earthquake Engineering research serve in the role as president of the organization. Professor Wilfred Iwan of the California Institute of Technology, who was instrumental in the founding of the organization when it began as the California Universities for Research in Earthquake Engineering, was the first to serve in this role.

Mahin photo Stephen Mahin - UC Berkeley (1994-1996)

Stephen Mahin is the Byron and Elvira Nishkian Professor of Structural Engineering at the University of California at Berkeley. He has wide-ranging interests in the field of earthquake engineering. His research work focuses on integrating high performance numerical and experimental simulation methods to improve understanding of the seismic behavior of systems, and applying that understanding to improve earthquake performance. To accomplish this work, he has pioneered the development of advanced laboratory and field testing techniques, and utilized sophisticated nonlinear dynamic analysis models to explore complex problems in earthquake engineering. His efforts have led to improved design methods for buildings, bridges and offshore structures constructed from steel, reinforced concrete and wood.

Dr. Mahin has also been a leader in promoting cooperative and collaborative research activities through activities such as chairing large multi-institution, multi-investigator programs sponsored by NSF, such as the NEHRP Northridge Earthquake Engineering Research Coordination Program, US-Japan Cooperative Earthquake Research Program utilizing Large-scale Test Facilities: Phase V – Composite and Hybrid Structures, and the US-Japan Partnership for Advanced Steel Structures, and convening community-based workshops, such as the US-Japan Cooperative Research for Mitigation of Urban Earthquake Disasters, and several international workshops on advanced experimental methods and instrumentation.

Until recently, he chaired the management committee for the FEMA Program to Reduce Earthquake Hazards in Steel Moment Resisting Frame Structures, which coordinated the research, guideline development and training efforts of more than 250 researchers, students and professional engineers from across the US in a successful effort to develop new guidelines for the design, construction and inspection of new steel moment frame structures, and the inspection, evaluation and upgrading of existing ones.


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