Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation

About this project

The NEES Consortium Development project was conducted under a Cooperative Agreement between the National Science Foundation and CUREE in 2001. CUREE had the responsibility to quickly launch a nationwide outreach effort to the broadly-defined earthquake engineering community to promote the George E. Brown Jr. - Network for Earthquake Engineering Simultation (NEES) collaborative research program which was comprised of fifteen new (or upgraded) testing facilities throughout the U.S.

CUREE was responsible for arranging the organizational and research activities, which included hosting their first two annual meetings in Park City, UT and San Diego, CA (shown above.) The project helped to establish NEESinc, the managing organization that would later oversee the NEES program from 2004 through 2014.

Project Management

- Prof. Cherri Pancake (Co-PI), Facilities and Information Technology

- Prof. Sharon Wood (Co-PI), Community Development

- Prof. Stephen Mahin (Co-PI), Collaboratory Research

- Prof. Robert Nigbor (Co-PI), Consortium Organization

Video Overview

Project Brochures

NEES program brochure
NEES EOT brochure