Creative Art of Civil and Structural Engineering

About this project

Princeton University, Virginia Tech and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst have partnered to disseminate an introductory civil engineering course suitable for both STEM and non-STEM majors, and enhance these course materials with research-based teaching methods such as active learning exercises. The materials developed for these courses support instruction through technical content and the creative art of structural and civil engineering (CASCE).

In addition to providing project meeting, print and technical support for this project, CUREE staff was responsible for setting up the project website that would serve as a web portal to provide access to course content for registered users.

Project Management

- Professor Maria Garlock (PI), Project Manager

- Professor Sanjay Arwade (Co-PI)

- Professor Cris Moen (Co-PI)

- Professor Evelyn Laffey

- Professor Aatish Bhatia

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