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The Man Who Mapped the Shaking Earth

This 6-part video documentary on the career of John Milne (1850-1913), who is often called "The Father of Seismology," contains rare images, extracts from his letters, and facts concerning little-known aspects of Milne's life. It covers his upbringing in England, his seminal work beginning in the 1870s in seismology and earthquake engineering at the University of Tokyo, and his return to England where he operated his own seismograph and coordinated the reports from a worldwide network of collaborating stations.

Conceived and narrated by Will Twycross; produced by Lavender Hill Multimedia; 2013.

Mr. Twycross has generously provided permission for the video to be freely distributed if it is used for educational purposes and is not sold.

Total runtime: (approx 1 hour)