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Symposia : Iwan Symposium

The Caltech - CUREE Symposium in Honor of Wilfred Iwan

group photo

(shown left to right): Craig Comartin, Bob Reitherman, Anne Kiremidjian, Tom Tobin, Thomas Heaton, James Beck, Kalman Lee Benuska, Wilfred Iwan, Stephen Mahin, Bill Holmes, Andrew Whittaker, Haresh Shah, Nicholas Jones, Sami Masri, Helmut Krawinkler, Brian Tucker, Pol Spanos, and Tsuneo Katayama

About the Event

In this one-day Symposium on October 19, colleagues, former students, and others who have known Bill and can appreciate his accomplishments gave brief talks, spanning an interesting array of topics:

    • Earthquake ground motion and its measurement
    • Associated building motion measurement and analysis
    • Historical notes on earthquake engineering at Caltech
    • Bill Iwan's effects on seismic public policy
    • His association with CUREE, EERI, WSSI, GeoHazards, and other organizations
    • Assessing structural performance
    • Structural monitoring
    • Wind effects on structures
    • Practicing engineers and their use of research
    • International aspects, including Bill's activities in countries such as Japan and China

The guest speakers included:

    James L. Beck - Caltech
    Kalman Lee Benuska - Structural Engineer, formerly of Kinemetrics
    Craig Comartin - CDComartin, Inc.
    John Hall - Caltech
    Thomas Heaton - Caltech
    William T. Holmes - Rutherford & Chekene
    Nicholas P. Jones - Johns Hopkins University
    Tsuneo Katayama - NIED
    Anne S. Kiremidjian - Stanford University
    Helmut Krawinkler - Stanford University
    Stephen Mahin - UC Berkeley
    Sami F. Masri - University of Southern California
    Richard K. Miller - Olin University
    Haresh Shah - RMS, Inc.
    Pol D. Spanos - Rice University
    Brian E. Tucker - Geohazards International
    L. Thomas Tobin - Tobin & Associates
    Andrew Whittaker - University at Buffalo, Suny

Included in the registration cost was a continental breakfast, break refreshments, luncheon, reception, and banquet, along with a permanent record of the event, the Proceedings. The venue was the Marina Del Rey Hotel, a delightful locale overlooking the boats in the marina.

There has been a great deal of interest in the Iwan Symposium by Bill's colleagues, former PhD students, individuals from abroad, and others. We hope your schedule allowed you to participate.

Thank you.


James Beck, Caltech, Chair of the Organizing Committee
John Hall, Caltech
Nicholas Jones, Johns Hopkins University
Bob Reitherman, CUREE
Haresh Shah, RMS, Inc.
Andrew Whittaker, CUREE


About Wilfred Iwan
Wilfred Iwan, a professor emeritus of applied mechanics at the California Institute of Technology, and director of Caltech's Earthquake Engineering Research Laboratory was the 2002 recipient of the Alquist Medal by the California Earthquake Safety Foundation for "his lifetime of service to the profession of structural engineering and its application to the safety of the people of California and the world [more]

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