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MOM's Apple Pie Contest

The following are some of the entries submitted for the MOM's Apple Pie contest held during the 2nd day of the NEES Annual Meeting. Entrants were asked to come up with a clever translation for an acronym, as good and wholesome as, Management, Operations, and Maintenance: (MOM) and Apple Pie.

(by audience vote)

Management, Operations, and Maintenance:
Amazing NSF Dollars Allowing Professors, Post-docs, & Lesser life forms to Expand Publications In Earthquakes

Honorable Mention

Management, Operations, Maintence - A New Direction, A Perfect Principle, Let's Exclaim --- Perfomance Is Everything

Management, Operations, & Maintences Associated with NEES Deployment - A Proposal for Project Liaison in Earthquake engineering Phenomena, IT, and Education

Management, Operation, Maintenance, AND APPLiEd Project support In Earthquke engineering

Management, Operations, and Maintenance:
Advanced Network Directed At Producing Ph.Ds Learning Everything Possible Involving Earthquakes

Management, Operation and Maintenance of A National Destructive Apparatus for Pre- and Post- Long Earthquakes and Precipitous Incoherent Excitations

Management, Operations, and Maintenance:
A NEES Development And Planning Proposal Linking Experimentation, People, Information and Engineering

Management, Operations, and Maintenance:
Appareils Non-Destructifs Amortis sure une Periode Plutot Longue Et Penible Investie D'Eccentriques

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