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Conferences and Symposia : PRC-USA Bilateral Workshop on Seismic Codes

Background and Purpose

"The PRC-USA Bilateral Workshop on SeismicCodes" was held in Guangzhou, China, on December 3-7, 1996. This workshop was made possible by the great efforts of both sides of Sino-American which took more than two years: The State Seismological Bureau (SSB) of China offered generous support in organizing the workshop; and the National Science Foundation (NSF) of US, made possible the participation of eleven individuals from the US, through a grant to California Universities for Research in Earthquake Engineering (CUREe).

The main purpose of the workshop was to provide a
Dr. Vitelmo Bertero, co-chairmen of the workshop, addresses at the closing plenary session.

forum for considering the state-of-the-art and state-of-the-practice of earthquake engineering with particular emphasis on examining the reliability of existing seismic codes for the design and construction of earthquake-resistant civil engineering facilities, to evaluate current progress and to establish research and development needs to improve such codes...

...all the participants [a total of 49 individuals representing China, Japan and the United States) considered that the workshop was successful in accomplishing it's main purpose. There is not any doubt that the workshop served to stimulate the need for improving communication and cooperation between PRC-US experts (researchers, educators, and practitioners) and representatives from government agencies that are working in the field of earthquake engineering and particularly in the improvement of the seismic codes that is so much needed to reduce the seismic risks inour urban and rural areas.

Prof. Li -Li Xie and Prof. James Jirsa

It is hoped that these proceedings will help to mitigate the destructive effects of earthquakes by encouraging practitioners to implement those recent findings regarding how to improve seismic codes from the research and professional communities in the development of more reliable code procedures for the earthquake resistant design and construction of civil engineering facilities; and by providing researchers and agencies sponsoring research with guidelines for ensuring that future research is oriented toward solving the current problem in our seismic codes.

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