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Strong-Motion Workshop

Workshop Proceedings

There has been great progress in strong motion instrumentation and monitoring since this important technology was first introduced as a tool for the study of the ground motion that resulted from earthquakes. Newer digital strong motion instruments have evolved considerably from their old bulky analog film recorder predecessors that provided most of the historical accelerograms that have been used in the design of structures. The new instruments have also made data processing much easier and more reliable, and some monitoring systems are now functioning in real-time. The number of instruments deployed for strong motion monitoring has also grown significantly. Programs in the US have steadily expanded and programs in Asia (particularly Japan, China, and Taiwan) have grown at near explosive rates. Those responsible for the growth of strong motion programs world-side should be congratulated for their efforts. Because of these efforts, the availability of strong motion data and its use to promote public safety has improved dramatically.

However, in spite of the considerable progress that has been made in strong motion instruments and monitoring, there is still much that remains to be accomplished in this area. This Workshop focused on the most important research needs in strong motion studies and how these needs might be satisfied through existing and/or new programs.

The Proceedings for the NSF-CUREE Workshop on Strong-Motion Research Needs and Opportunities was intended to summarize the major conclusions and recommendations of the Workshop in a very concise form. For greater readability, all the maps and figures are published in color.

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Strong-Motion Workshop Proceedings PDF 2 MB

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