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North Carolina State University

CUREE University Representative:

Professor Abhinav Gupta
Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering
North Carolina State University
College of Engineering
Box 7908
413 Mann Hall
Raleigh, NC 27695-7908
Tel.: 919.515.1385
Fax: 919.515.7908

CUREE Members:

• Mohammed Gabr
• Murthy N. Guddati
• Abhinav Gupta
• Tasnim Hassan
• Mervyn J. Kowalsky
• Brina Montoya
• James M. Nau
• Mohammed Pour-Ghaz
• Sami H. Rizkalla
• Rudi Seracino

University Website(s):

Exterior view of the Constructed Facilities Laboratory (CFL)

With over 40 faculty, more than 900 undergraduate students and over 300 graduate students, North Carolina State University’s Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering (CCEE) is one of the largest departments in the country and more importantly, one of the best. In 2010, the Environmental Engineering and Civil Engineering degrees were ranked at 12th and 13th in the country, respectively.

Students have many opportunities for professional growth through student chapters of professional societies as well as through special events throughout the year. Students are also encouraged to consider becoming involved in undergraduate research. While we are among the largest undergraduate programs in the U.S., we treat each student as an individual.

The Structural Engineering and Mechanics group seeks to develop and apply advanced materials and structural systems to enhance the sustainability and resiliency of the built infrastructure through experimental, theoretical, and computational research at scales ranging from nanometers to large structures.

Our research programs and facilities are world class. CCEE encourages active collaboration and cross-disciplinary activities and has a strong commitment to innovative research. The department partners with industry and government to conduct research at the cutting edge of science and technology. Our laboratories contain a variety of special equipment for research in construction materials, construction engineering, coastal processes, environmental engineering, hydraulics, soils, structures and mechanics, and transportation systems.

At the graduate level we offer the traditional Master’s and Ph.D. degrees with the opportunity to specialize in a wide range of topics in civil, construction, and environmental engineering. We are also a leader in distance education. Students can earn a Master of Civil or Environmental Engineering degree without ever setting foot on campus.

Seven graduate programs are offered in computing & systems, construction engineering and management, water resources and environmental engineering, structural engineering and mechanics, transportation systems and materials, and geotechnical/ geoenvironmental engineering. Structural Engineering and Mechanics.

For undergraduate information:

For graduate information:

Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering

North Carolina State University
Campus Box 7908
Raleigh, NC 27695-7908

Tel.: 919.515.2331

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