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Princeton University

CUREE University Representative:

Professor Maria E. Moreyra Garlock
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Princeton University
Quad E-322
Princeton, NJ 08544
Tel.: 609.258.2728
Fax: 609.258.2760

CUREE Members:

• Maria E. Moreyra Garlock
• Jean H. Prevost
• Erik VanMarcke


View of the Princeton Campus

The School of Engineering and Applied Science at Princeton University is composed of six academic departments, one interdepartmental institute and a range of centers and programs that bring together people with a wide variety of expertise and interests. Civil & Environmental Engineering at Princeton is a dynamic and growing department. Its research and teaching address broad questions associated with the built environment, the natural environment, and interactions between the two, with an evolving emphasis on sustainability. Focus areas include structural art, structural design, and building materials; urban environments; water and air quality; climate-change mitigation; and the impacts of climate change on water resources and the hydrologic cycle. Engineering students learn the fundamental principles of engineering sciences and apply that knowledge to engineering design and practice through advanced courses and independent work. Ample opportunities for study in the life sciences, social sciences and humanities complete a well-rounded undergraduate education that prepares students for a wide range of careers. Because civil and environmental engineers are called upon to work on large projects of an interdisciplinary nature, it is our mission to train students to be able to apply a diverse set of skills to solve complex problems, to work in teams and communicate effectively, and to uphold ethical standards of professional practice.

The Department firmly believes that independent research is an integral component of an engineer’s education. Consequently, all seniors are required to complete a year-long thesis project, write a thesis and present the results of their work at poster and oral sessions throughout the year. Sophomores and juniors are also encouraged to participate in independent research and should take the initiative to discuss their interests with departmental faculty members.

(Revised by the CEE Faculty May 2012)

Objective No. 1 – Our graduates will be able to use science and engineering principles to solve important problems and address technological challenges of the future.

Objective No. 2 – Our graduates will be prepared to play key roles in interdisciplinary efforts and to solve problems that are important to society.

Objective No. 3 – Our graduates will be on a path to leadership positions and be recognized as critical, creative, and independent thinkers.

Objective No. 4 – Our graduates will continue their lifelong learning process to remain effective professionals in the workplace.

Undergraduate Information:
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Graduate Information:
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Princeton University
The School of Engineering and Applied Science
C232 Engineering Quadrangle
Princeton, NJ 08544-5263

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