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University of California, Berkeley

CUREE University Representative:

Professor Stephen A. Mahin
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of California, Berkeley
777 Davis Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720
Tel.: 510.693.6972
Fax: 510.643.8928

CUREE Members:

• Abolhassan Astaneh-Asl
• Vitelmo Bertero
• Jonathan Bray
• Anil K. Chopra
• Mary Comerio
• Armen Der Kiureghian
• Filip C. Filippou
• Steven Glaser
• Richard Goodman
• Dwight Jaffee
• George Leitmann
• Stephen A. Mahin
• Jack P. Moehle
• Khalid Mosalam
• Claudia Ostertag
• Juan Pestana
• Elijah Polak
• Michael Riemer
• Jerry Sackman
• Raymond Seed
• Nicholas Sitar
• Claude Stoller
• Robert L. Taylor
• Stephen Tobriner
• Robert Twiss

Other Directory Information
Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center (PEER)
325 Davis Hall
University of California, Berkeley
Richmond, CA 94720-1792
Tel.: 510.642.3437
Fax: 510.642.1655


UC Berkeley shake table with platform removed at the Richmond Field Station.

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) at the University of California, Berkeley is a worldwide leader in developing engineering solutions to societal-scale challenges. CEE research establishes and advances the intellectual foundations of new fields of study. We develop theory and improve understanding, and provide tools and techniques for solving important new problems. Educational activities of the Department focus on developing future leaders in the engineering profession, in academia, and in the broader societal context. Through individual and collective efforts, the Department serves the needs of our College and University, and provides technical expertise and service to other public, private, and professional entities.

The Department is also closely allied with PEER - Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center, which is an organized research unit administrated by the College of Engineering at UC Berkeley. PEER is a multidisciplinary, multi-institutional center that is a consortium of researchers from 10 core institutions including UC campuses (at Berkeley, Davis, Irvine, Los Angeles and San Diego), California Institute of Technology, University of Southern California, Stanford University, Oregon State University and University of Washington. Additionally, investigators from over 20 universities, several consulting companies and various state and federal government agencies participate and contribute to research programs at PEER.

The Department is a place of intellectual vitality and diversity in which all students, faculty, and staff have the opportunity and the impetus to achieve their highest potential. Signs of this vitality and diversity are seen in innovative research conducted by students and faculty; creative, flexible, adaptable, and forward-looking curricula; outstanding classroom teaching; attentive academic mentoring; and a shared sense of a community that is inclusive and respectful of all members. We are proud of our contributions to the public mission of the University of California, as demonstrated for example by our role in providing access to higher education for students from low and middle-income families.

US News & World Reports rankings for 2015-2016 ranks four of our programs in the #1 spot. This #1 ranking goes to our graduate and undergraduate, civil engineering and environmental engineering programs. Our graduate program in environmental engineering has held the #1 spot for the past 7 years; civil engineering has held either the #1 or the #2 spot over the past 13 years. Our undergraduate programs in environmental engineering and in civil engineering are also top-ranked every year.

The CEE laboratories for teaching and research are among the best in the nation, providing opportunities for hands-on experience for all students. In the San Francisco Bay Area, there are incomparable opportunities for students to experience ground-breaking local civil and environmental engineering projects and participate in professional activities. The curriculum provides a strong basis for advanced professional practice, research, or teaching. CEEs Structural Engineering, Mechanics and Materials Program (SEMM) has an international reputation for excellence. Many of the fundamental developments underlying the state-of-the-art in structural engineering, mechanics, and materials were pioneered by SEMM faculty and students. Today this tradition of excellence continues through vigorous programs of basic and applied research, and careful attention to instruction.

For more information please go to

For more information please go to

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
760 Davis Hall
University of California, Berkeley
Tel.: 510.642.3261
Fax: 510.643.5264
Email: (for general information)

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