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University of California, Davis

CUREE University Representative:

Professor Sashi Kunnath
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of California, Davis
One Shields Avenue
Davis, CA 95616
Tel.: 530.754.6428


• John Bolander
• Ross Boulanger
• Rob Y.H. Chai
• Yannis F. Dafalias
• Boris Jeremic
• Amit Kanvinde
• Sashi K. Kunnath
• Bruce L. Kutter
• Mark Rashid
• Daniel W. Wilson


New outdoor facility for large-scale structural testing

At the University of California at Davis, the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) integrates research, education, and professional service in areas related to civil infrastructure and the environment. We provide the profession and academia with outstanding graduates who advance both engineering practice and fundamental knowledge.

The civil engineering profession is responsible for designing, building, operating and maintaining the physical infrastructure and protecting the natural environment that together support human society in an economically and environmentally sustainable manner. The need to predict and mitigate the impact of complex human- and nature-induced stresses on large-scale, geographically-distributed systems has never been more evident than now. These challenges and inevitable societal changes result in a need to develop and adopt new technologies and improved efficiency into the infrastructure.

The objectives of the Civil Engineering undergraduate program at the University of California, Davis, are to produce civil and environmental engineers that:

1. Are proficient in the fundamentals of engineering science, analytical and quantitative reasoning, and design in the context of civil and environmental engineering

2. Are able to apply these skills in developing safe, sustainable, economical and environmentally sound solutions to civil engineering problems either within the profession or through post-graduate research

3. Grow professionally in their careers through continued development of technical and management skills, achievement of professional licensure, and assumption of roles of responsibility in professional service

4. Understand the needs and represent the diversity of the program’s constituencies, thereby serving the needs of society and the profession

Our reputation and rankings tell our story best. Our graduate programs at UC Davis rank among the top in the nation. We are a research giant, a global leader in sustainability, and we address real-world challenges. When you pick up a newspaper, search online or turn on your TV, you’ll often find UC Davis highlighted and our students and faculty experts quoted. We are regularly at the top of the list when industries and the media need advice on complex and urgent situations affecting our world and beyond.

For more information please go to

For more information please go to

University of California at Davis
Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
2001 Ghausi Hall
1 Shields Avenue
Davis California 95616

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