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Projects : CUREE-Kajima Joint Research Program

CKI-02: Dynamic Interaction between Pile Group and Non-linear Soil

Prof. Ronald F. Scott
Prof. Karl M. Romstad
Prof. Bruce L. Kutter
Dr. Behnam Hushmand

This work was carried out at California Institute of Technology and at the University of California, Davis under the general supervision of Dr. K. Miura of Kajima Corporation.

The data and results were transmitted to Kajima as the tests were completed. This final report is divided into two parts: Part A summarizes the centrifuge research on a four pile group in sand undertaken at Caltech and Part B presents the final report of U.C. Davis on their centrifuge tests in the form of a Master's thesis by Ms. Patricia Cafe on the dynamic response of a pile-supported bridge (Struve Slough) in peat soil.

Earthquake Response of a Structure on Pile Groupin Liquefiable Sand Deposit

Dr. Kenji Miura
Mr. Yuji Miyamoto
Mr. Kiichi Suzuki
Mr. Kiyoshi Masuda
Mr. Shoji Uchiyama

This report describes a prediction analysis of earthquake response of a structure on pile group in liquefiable sand deposit.

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CKI-02 PDF 5.3 MB

Also listed as Report No.: CK91-02 (February 1991)

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