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CKII-04: Earthquake Safety for Urban Regions

• Kajima Corporation
• California Universities for Research in Earthquake Engineering (CUREe)

Methodologies for Evaluating the Socio-economic Consequences of Large Earthquakes

The goal of this research was to develop innovative methods for regional earthquake damage and loss estimation including socio-economic impacts, for the purpose of identifying high risk critical facilities. Evaluation of the socio-economic consequences of large earthquakes required the development of a new comprehensive damage and loss estimation conceptual model.

The conceptual model includes the following key elements:

1) earthquake hazard characterization
2) geologic and geotechnical databases
3) building and lifeline component inventories
4) building and lifeline fragility functions
5) critical facility evaluation
6) socio-economic consequence modeling

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Also listed as Report No.: 1993-1996

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