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Projects : CUREE-Kajima Joint Research Program

CKII-05: Innovative Damage and Constitutive Modeling of Fiber Reinforced Cementitious Composites Subjected to Earthquake Loads

• J. W. Ju, L. C. Chou, and X. D. Zhang
• Y. Nobuta and K. Horikoshi

This one-year research project focuses on innovative micromechanical modeling of multiphase fiber reinforced concrete. This research is an extension of previous research conducted by the CUREe Principal Investigator in collaboration with research engineers at Kajima Technical Research Institute. In particular, this research investigates: (a) the elastic stress fields arising from the single fiber pullout system by using both the analytical and finite element methods, and (b) the local interactions and effective transverse elastic properties of two-dimensional two-phase unidirectionally aligned, randomly located fiber reinforced concrete. The research conducted under this CUREe-Kajima project enabled us to accurately predict the local and overall mechanical behavior and performance of advanced high-strength fiber reinforced concrete for use in buildings and infrastructure systems.

Research Objectives
The overall goals of the proposed research are to propose advanced micromechanics-based constitutive and damage models (microcracking and fiber pull-out) of high-strength fiber reinforced cementitious composites for use in structures and infrastructures. The proposed research and expected results will render new micromechanics- and microstructure-based constitutive and damage models which are capable of accurately explaining and predicting mechanical behavior of high-strength cementitious composites subjected to natural hazards such as earthquake and wind
loadings. Furthermore, the proposed research will be able to predict and suggest new ways to improve performance and economy of FRC material systems and structures.

In particular, the objectives of the proposed research are as follows.

1. To develop innovative predictions of effective elastic and elastic-damage properties of twodimensional two-phase and three-phase fiber reinforced mortar and concrete.

2. To investigate micromechanics of interfacial debonding and fiber pull-out (between fibers and the mortar matrix) in three-dimension for unidirectional long fiber and random short fiber reinforced mortar and concrete.

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Also listed as Report No.: 1996.9 (October 12, 1996)

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