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CKIII-02: Effects of Near-Field Ground Motion on Building Structures

• Babak Alavi
• Helmut Krawinkler

This study addresses the elastic and inelastic response of SDOF systems and MDOF frame structures subjected to near-field ground motions. The global objective is to acquire quantitative knowledge on near-field ground motion effects. The results of this study are intended to identify salient response characteristics, to describe near-field ground motions by simple equivalent pulses, and to utilize the pulse response characteristics to define behavior attributes of structures when subjected to near-field ground motions. The ultimate goal is to develop design guidelines that provide more consistent protection for structures located in near-field regions.

Many fundamental characteristics of near-field ground motions and their effects on frame structures have been identified and quantified in this study. But it is recognized that the nearfield problem is very complex, and that more work is needed before a comprehensive understanding of all important aspects of the problem will be accomplished. This work attempts to address the most important issues concerning near-field ground motions and their response attributes in order to form a foundation on which to base future research and development of design guidelines.

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(January 2001)

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