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Projects : CUREE-Kajima Joint Research Program

The CUREE-Kajima Research Program was a joint venture with the Kajima Corporation of Japan involving collaborative studies among researchers in the US and Japan. The topies researched have spanned many areas, but the theme of inter-university collaboration, and in this case international collaboration, remained the same.


CKIII-01: Year One Research Report: Social, Economic, and System Aspects of Earthquake Recovery and Reconstruction

James Beck, Anne Kiremidjian, George Mader, and Robert Reitherman

CKIII-02: Effects of Near-Field Ground Motion on Building Structures

Babak Alavi and Helmut Krawinkler

CKIII-03: Decision Support Tools for Earthquake Recovery of Businesses

J. Beck, A. Kiremidjian, S. Wilkie, A. Mason, T. Salmon, J. Goltz, R. Olson, J. Workman, A. Irfanoglu, and K. Porter

CKIII-04: Use of Long-Gage Fiber Optic Sensors for Earthquake Response Monitoring and Non-Destructive Evaluation of Structures

Joel P. Conte and Min Liu

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