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Projects : CUREE-Kajima Joint Research Program

The CUREE-Kajima Research Program was a joint venture with the Kajima Corporation of Japan involving collaborative studies among researchers in the US and Japan. The topies researched have spanned many areas, but the theme of inter-university collaboration, and in this case international collaboration, remained the same.


CKIV-01: Including Earthquake Risk Perception in Risk Reduction Modeling

Robert L. Nigbor, Robert A. Olson, Masamitsu Miyamura, Kaoru Mizukoshi, Narito Kurata, and John Adams

CKIV-02: Seismic Performance Assessment of Flat Plate Floor Systems

Thomas H.-K. Kang, Changsoon Rha, John W. Wallace, Katsuya Igarashi, and Norio Suzuki

CKIV-03: Impact of Seimic Risk on Lifetime Property Values

J. L. Beck, K. A. Porter, R.V. Shaikhutdinov, S. K. Au, K. Mizukoshi, M. Miyamura, H. Ishida, T. Moroi, Y. Tsukada, and M. Masuda

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