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CKVI-02: Contributions to Collapse Prediction for Frame Structures

Dimitrios Lignos and Helmut Krawinkler (Stanford University)

This report summarizes the Stanford work done as part of Phase VI of the Kajima-
CUREE Joint Research Program. It is concerned with contributions to the process of
predicting collapse of frame structures under seismic excitations. The work focused on
the following two tasks.

Task 1: Quantification of modeling parameters for deteriorating components.


Task 2: Case studies on the effects of deterioration on the response of a steel frame
structure till collapse


Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Issues Involved in Collapse Prediction

- Methods for Assessing the Collapse Probability of Structures
- Importance of Modeling Deterioration in Component Behavior on Structural Response Close to Collapse

Chapter 3: Representation of Component Behavior at Plastic Hinge Locations

- General Observations
- Review of Hysteresis Models
- Modified Ibarra-Krawinkler Model Used in this Study

Chapter 4: Databases in Support of Component Plastic Hinge Modeling

- Purpose and Scope
- Calibration of Component Model Parameters
- Calibration Issues and Examples from Reinforced Concrete Beam Database
- Calibration Issues and Examples from Steel W-sections Database
- Calibration Issues and Examples from Steel Tubular Column Database

Chapter 5: Assessment of Plastic Hinge Models

- Multivariable Regression Analysis for Steel Beams
- Multivariable Regression Analysis for Hollow Square Tube Sections
- Statistical Evaluation of Material Properties of US Structural Steel
- Statistical Evaluation of Effective to Nominal Yield Ratio for Bending Strength of Steel Beams
- Multivariable Regression Analysis for Concrete Beams

Chapter 6: Frame Collapse Studies

- Assumptions in 2-D Modeling of Frame Structures
- Kajima 15 story Building Model A
- NEESR 4-Story Building
- E-Defense 4-story Steel Frame Structure
- Sensitivity Analysis – Effect of Variation in Effective Yield Strength on Collapse Capacity

Chapter 7: Summary

- Development of Comprehensive Databases of Structural Elements
- Improved Component Hysteresis/ Deterioration Models
- Development of Empirical Eq.s to Model Deterioration of Structural Elements
- Collapse Predictions of Physical Experiments
- Concluding Remarks

Chapter 8: Acknowledgements

Appendix A – Database Structure

- Database Structure

Appendix B – Description of Calibrator

- Description of Main Features of Calibrator
- Calibration Example


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