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Projects : Golden Gate Bridge Exhibit : International Conference

Golden Gate Bridge Outdoor Exhibition

Public Works for Public Learning:
An International Conference hosted by the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District
San Francisco, California, June 20-22, 2012

Student Participation

Thank you note, Public Works for Public Learning conference

I just wanted to thank you again for giving me the opportunity to attend the conference "Public Works for Public Learning" held at San Francisco, CA.

As engineering students we are used to attending very technical conferences. And, even though the conference did contain some technical lectures, the overall topics that were discussed really broadened my view of the social and educational uses a structure can have. In addition, I particularly enjoyed the field trip to the Golden Gate Bridge. The outdoor exhibitions are very informative and also, the interactive nature of most of them makes them very appealing and entertaining. It was also great to hear the story of the project during the firsts hours of the conference on Thursday and then, on the afternoon, seeing the results of all the hard work and planning that have gone into it.

Thanks again!

Best regards,
Gloriana Arrieta
(July 2012)

Dr. Clough with students

Conference keynote speaker, Dr. G. Wayne Clough, Director of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C., is seen here chatting with students during a break.

Dr. Clough with Sylvester Black

Former Princeton student, Sylvester Black, describes a deck section of the scaled down model of the Golden Gate Bridge which he is helping to design, to Dr. Clough.

Jorge Lee with students

During breaks the students answered questions and demonstrated the design process using exhibit prototypes.  Tara Weigand, student at Princeton University, discusses model development with Jorge Lee, Engineer at the Golden Gate Bridge.  Tara assisted with the design of the scaled down 3-dimensional tower model that is part of the Braille model of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Students near cable exhibit

Students on the conference field trip to see the newly installed exhibits about the Golden Gate Bridge stop to have their photo taken with a section of the Bridge’s main cable.

Princeton student Liz Deir with torsion exhibit 

Elisabeth Deir, graduate student at Princeton University, stands next to the finished scaled-down models of sections of the bridge deck she helped to design.  The exhibit demonstrates the differences in the amount of twisting experienced by an unreinforced bridge deck (open inverted “U” shape) versus a reinforced bridge deck (closed boxed shape).  Through hands on manipulation of the models a visitor can experience the difference in torque between the two models.


Professor Maria Garlock, Princeton University, with her students (Sylvester Black [graduated], Tara Weigand, Will Plunkett [graduated], and Elisabeth Deir) next to the 1:56 scale model of the Bridge tower used for testing at Princeton in 1938.  These students have worked on several exhibits for the project.  Students who have since graduated have so enjoyed being involved, they continue to voluntarily contribute their time and expertise.

For more information about the inviduals speakers and about their presentations, please see the PWPL conference proceedings.

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