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Seismic Design of Reinforced Concrete Buildings - by longtime CUREE member, Jack Moehle, TY and Margaret Lin Professor of Engineering, University of California, Berkeley.

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The Golden Gate Bridge As A Public Learning Resource

Booklet that provides an overview of the Golden Gate Bridge Outdoor Exhibition Project as well as each of the individual exhibits that make up the exhibit.

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Earthquake Engineering

Exhibit booklet handed out at the 100th anniversary of the 1906 San Francisco, California Earthquake. This free public outdoor exhibit was produced by CUREE, and made possible by the generous funding from the San Francisco Department of Building Inspection.

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Building Bridges Between Civil Engineers and Science Museums

A monograph written by Bob Reitherman, Thalia Anagnos, and Wendy Meluch.

The research conducted in a National Science Foundation-funded project that forms the basis for this publication, points out that the potential is great for collaboration between science museums and civil engineers, and that this aim has been only slightly realized. We have designed this document to facilitate collaboration between these two

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