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SAC Background Documents available through ATC

The SAC Background Document series has been developed to disseminate information related to the mission of the Steel Project that has not been reviewed as part of the formal report series. The Background Documents are not intended to be used for design or for any specific building project and do not necessarily represent official findings or recommendations of FEMA, the SAC Joint Venture and its organizations, or any other project participants.

To order these documents, please contact: Applied Technology Council, 555 Twin Dolphin Drive, Suite 550, Redwood City, California 94065, (650) 595-1542; FAX (650) 593-2320.

SAC/BD-96/01 Selected Results from the SAC Phase 1 Beam-Column Connection Pre-Test Analyses, submissions from B. Maison, K. Kasai, and R. Dexter; and A. Ingraffea and G. Deierlein.
SAC/BD-96/02 Summary Report on SAC Phase 1 - Task 7 Experimental Studies, by C. Roeder (a revised version of this document is published in Report No. SAC 96-01; the original is no longer available).
SAC/BD-96/03 Selected Documents from the U.S.-Japan Workshop on Steel Fracture Issues, June 16-18, 1996
SAC/BD-96/04 Survey of Computer Programs for the Nonlinear Analysis of Steel Moment Frame Structures
SAC/BD-97/01 Through-Thickness Properties of Structural Steels, by J. Barsom and S. Korvink
SAC/BD-97/02 Protocol for Fabrication, Inspection, Testing, and Documentation of Beam-Column Connection Tests and Other Experimental Specimens, by P. Clark, K. Frank, H. Krawinkler, and R. Shaw.
SAC/BD-97/03 Proposed Statistical and Reliability Framework for Comparing and Evaluating Predictive Models for Evaluation and Design, by Y.-K. Wen.
SAC/BD-97/04 Development of Ground Motion Time Histories for Phase 2 of the FEMA/SAC Steel Project, by. P. Somerville, N. Smith, S. Punyamurthula, and J. Sun.
SAC/BD-97/05 Finite Element Fracture Mechanics Investigation of Welded Beam-Column Connections, by W.-M. Chi, G. Deierlein, and A. Ingraffea.
SAC/BD-98/01 Strength and Ductility of FR Welded-Bolted Connections, by S. El-Tawil, T. Mikesell, E. Vidarsson, and S. K. Kunnath
SAC/BD-98/02 Effects of Strain Hardening and Strain Aging on the K-Region of Structural Shapes, by J. Barsom and S. Korvink
SAC/BD-98/03 Implementation Issues for Improved Seismic Design Criteria: Report on the Social, Economic, Policy and Political Issues Workshop, by L. T. Tobin

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