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SAC Background Documents available through ATC

The SAC Background Document series has been developed to disseminate information related to the mission of the Steel Project that has not been reviewed as part of the formal report series. The Background Documents are not intended to be used for design or for any specific building project and do not necessarily represent official findings or recommendations of FEMA, the SAC Joint Venture and its organizations, or any other project participants.

To order these documents, please contact: Applied Technology Council, 555 Twin Dolphin Drive, Suite 550, Redwood City, California 94065, (650) 595-1542; FAX (650) 593-2320.

SAC/BD-99/01 Parametric Study on the Effect of Ground Motion Intensity and Dynamic Characteristics on Seismic Demands in Steel Moment Resisting Frames, by G. A. MacRae
SAC/BD-99/01A Appendix to: Parametric Study on the Effect of Ground Motion Intensity and Dynamic Characteristics on Seismic Demands in Steel Moment Resisting Frames, by G. A. MacRae
SAC/BD-99/02 Through-Thickness Strength and Ductility of Column Flange in Moment Connections, by R. Dexter and M. Melendrez
SAC/BD-99/03 The Effects of Connection Fractures on Steel Moment Resisting Frame Seismic Demands and Safety, by C. A. Cornell and N. Luco
SAC/BD-99/04 Effects of Strength/Toughness Mismatch on Structural and Fracture Behaviors in Weldments, by P. Dong, T. Kilinski, J. Zhang, and F. W. Brust
SAC/BD-99/05 Assessment of the Reliability of Available NDE Methods for Welded Joints and the Development of Improved UT Procedures, by G. Gruber and G. Light
SAC/BD-99/06 Prediction of Seismic Demands for SMRFs with Ductile Connections and Elements, by A. Gupta and H. Krawinkler
SAC/BD-99/07 Characterization of the Material Properties of Rolled Sections, by T. K. Jaquess and K. Frank
SAC/BD-99/08 Study of the Material Properties of the Web-Flange Intersection of Rolled Shapes, by K. R. Miller and K. Frank
SAC/BD-99/09 Investigation of Damage to WSMF Earthquakes other than Northridge, by M. Phipps
SAC/BD-99/10 Clarifying the Extent of Northridge Induced Weld Fracturing and Examining the Related Issue of UT Reliability, by T. Paret
SAC/BD-99/11 The Impact of Earthquakes on Welded Steel Moment Frame Buildings: Experience in Past Earthquakes, by P. Weinberg and J. Goltz
SAC/BD-99/12 Assessment of the Benefits of Implementing the New Seismic Design Criteria and Inspection Procedures, by H. A. Seligson and R. Eguchi
SAC/BD-99/13 Earthquake Loss Estimation for WSMF Buildings, by C. A. Kircher
SAC/BD-99/14 Simplified Loss Estimation for Pre-Northridge WSMF Buildings, by B. F. Maison and D. Bonowitz
SAC/BD-99/15 Integrative Analytical Investigations on the Fracture Behavior of Welded Moment Resisting Connections, by G. G. Deierlein and W.-M. Chi
SAC/BD-99/16 Seismic Performance of 3- and 9- Story Partially Restrained Moment Frame Buildings, by B. F. Maison and K. Kasai
SAC/BD-99/17 Effects of Partially-Restrained Connection Stiffness and Strength on Frame Seismic Performance, by K. Kasai, B. F. Maison, and A. Mayangarum
SAC/BD-99/18 Effects of Hysteretic Deterioration Characteristics on Seismic Response of Moment Resisting Steel Structures, by F. Naeim, K. Skliros, A. M. Reinhorn, and M. V. Sivaselvan
SAC/BD-99/19 Cyclic Instability of Steel Moment Connections with Reduced Beam Section, by C.-M.Uang and C.-C. Fan
SAC/BD-99/20 Local and Lateral-Torsion Buckling of Wide Flange Beams, by L. Kwasniewski, B. Stojadinovic, and S. C. Goel
SAC/BD-99/21 Elastic Models for Predicting Building Performance, by X. Duan and J. C. Anderson
SAC/BD-99/22 Reliability-Based Seismic Performance Evaluation of Steel Frame Buildings Using Nonlinear Static Analysis Methods, by G. C. Hart and M. J. Skokan
SAC/BD-99/23 Failure Analysis of Welded Beam to Column Connections, by J. M. Barsom and J. V. Pellegrino
SAC/BD-99/24 Weld Acceptance Criteria for Seismically-Loaded Welded Connections, by W. Mohr

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