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Over of the course of the past 25 years, CUREE has produced a number of reports and other publications for the purposes of furthering civil engineering (particularly with earthquake engineering) for the purposed of research, education and implementation. Provided below is an archive of many of these publications, available for free download.

Research Reports
Northridge Meadows Apartment Collapse

CUREE-Caltech Woodframe Project

The CUREE-Caltech Woodframe Project consisted of coordinated engineering investigations and implementation activities whose objective was to significantly reduce earthquake losses to woodframe construction. The project was funded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) through a grant administered by the California Governors Office of Emergency Services.

[See complete list of Woodframe Project publications.]

W-01: Proceedings of the Invitational Workshop on Seismic Testing, Analysis and Design of Woodframe Construction
Edited By Frieder Seible, André Filiatrault, and Chia-Ming Uang, 1999, 173 pages.

Table of Contents:


Gaps in Information for Determination of Performance Capabilities of Light Woodframe Construction
E. G. Zacher

Testing of Northridge Earthquake Failures
G. G. Schierle and D. Vergun

Code Development for Seismic Design of Woodframe Structures: Testing Needs
J. D. Dolan

Retrofit of Existing Wood Light Frame Construction — Foundations
R. P. Sonntag

Retrofit of Existing Wood Light Frame Construction — Multi-Family Residential Buildings with Soft First Story
T. P. McCormick

Evaluating the Seismic Performance of Timber Framed Bracing Panels — The New Zealand Experience
A. B. King

Seismic Performance of Woodframe Construction — Myths and Happy Coincidences,
Progress and Wishes

C. Foliente

Analysis and Design of Woodframe Construction According to Eurocode 8
A. Ceccotti

Code Development and a New R/D National Program on Timber Structures in Japan
Okada, N. Kawai, H. Isoda, and N. Yamaguchi

Seismic Research on Woodframe Construction in Canada
E. Karacabeyli and H. G. L. Prion

Testing and Analysis of Woodframe Structures in the United States
G. C. Pardoen

Management Lessons from the Phase 2 Program to Reduce Earthquake Hazards in Steel Moment-Resisting Frame Structures
S. A. Mahin

System Identification of Wood Structures
F. Ma

Testing and Evaluation of Seismic Performance of Woodframe Structures in Japan — State of the Art and Research Needs
M. Yasumura

Loading History Issues in Testing for Seismic Performance Assessment
H. Krawinkler

Seismic Testing Needs for Wood Shearwalls and Diaphragms
J. D. Rose

Seismic Response of Light-Frame Wood Buildings
R. Y. Itani and K. J. Fridley

Wood Analysis Needs for Engineered and Prescriptive Design
K. E. Cobeen

Structural Performance of Woodframe Housing: State-of-the-Art and Research Needs
F. Sadek and J. L. Gross

Needs in Modeling and Analysis of Seismic Resistance of Woodframe Construction
F. Lam, R. 0. Foschi, and H. Prion

Current Research Needs Related to the Seismic Design of Woodframe Construction
S. J. Ficcadenti

When Two Times Two May Equal Zero
E. F. Dielunann

A Model for Performance-based Seismic Design of Woodframe Structures
R. 0. Hamburger

Research Needs — A Practitioner's Perspective
G. L. Richards

Summary Report of Task Group Session A — Testing
C.-M. Uang

Summary Report of Task Group Session B — Analysis
A. Filiatrault

Summary Report of Task Group Session C — Design
J. M. Coil

Recommended Research Plan for Element 1
F. Seible, A. Filiatrault, and C.-M. Uang

Appendix — Participants' Comments on Workshop


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