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Over of the course of the past 25 years, CUREE has produced a number of reports and other publications for the purposes of furthering civil engineering (particularly with earthquake engineering) for the purposed of research, education and implementation. Provided below is an archive of many of these publications, available for free download.

Research Reports
Northridge Meadows Apartment Collapse

CUREE-Caltech Woodframe Project

The CUREE-Caltech Woodframe Project consisted of coordinated engineering investigations and implementation activities whose objective was to significantly reduce earthquake losses to woodframe construction. The project was funded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) through a grant administered by the California Governors Office of Emergency Services.

[See complete list of Woodframe Project publications.]

W-17: Seismic Behavior of Level and Stepped Cripple Walls
by Y. Chai, T. Hutchinson, and S. Vukazich, 2002, 153 pages.


Characterize the in-plane seismic behavior of cripple walls based on experimentation with full-scale foundation-wall specimens.

Table of Contents:

1 Introduction

1.1 Background
1.2 Past Cripple Wall Failures
---- 1.2.1 Level Cripple Wall Failures
---- 1.2.2 Stepped Cripple Wall Failures
1.3 Guidelines for Design and Retrofit of Cripple Walls
1.4 Previous Research
---- 1.4.1 Tests by Shepherd and Delos-Santos
---- 1.4.2 Tests by Steiner
1.5 Scope of Work

2 In-Plane Cripple Wall Tests

2.1 General
2.2 Level Cripple Wall Details
2.3 Stepped Cripple Wall Details
2.4 Installation of Stucco Wall Finish
2.5 Test Setup
2.6 Instrumentation

3 Test Results

3.1 General
3.2 Loading Protocols and Monotonic Test
3.3 Lateral Force-Lateral Displacement Response
---- 3.3.1 2 ft Level Cripple Walls
---- 3.3.2 4 ft Level Cripple Walls
---- 3.3.3 Stepped Cripple Walls -1-in-3 Slope
---- 3.3.4 Stepped Cripple Walls -1-in-2 Slope

4 Damage Characteristics of Cripple Walls

4.1 General
4.2 Damage Characteristics of 2 ft Level Cripple Walls
4.3 Damage Characteristics of 4 ft Level Cripple Walls
4.4 Damage Characteristics of 1-in-3 Stepped Cripple Walls
---- 4.4.1 Damage to Framing Members and Sheathing
---- 4.4.2 Damage to Stucco Wall Finish
4.5 Damage Characteristics of 1-in-2 Stepped Cripple Walls
---- 4.5.1 Damage to Framing Members and Sheathings
---- 4.5.2 Damage to Stucco Wall Finish

5 Discussion of Results

5.1 Lateral Stiffness of Cripple Walls
5.2 Lateral Strength of Non-Stucco Cripple Walls
5.3 Lateral strength of Stucco Wall Finish
5.4 Deformation Limit of Cripple Walls
5.5 Effect of Loading History
5.6 Framing Details for Stepped Cripple Walls
5.7 Shear Force Distribution in Level Cripple Walls

6 Conclusions

A Material Properties

A.1 Stucco Compressive Strength
A.2 Nail Strength
A.3 Specimen Uplift

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