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Over of the course of the past 25 years, CUREE has produced a number of reports and other publications for the purposes of furthering civil engineering (particularly with earthquake engineering) for the purposed of research, education and implementation. Provided below is an archive of many of these publications, available for free download.

Research Reports
Northridge Meadows Apartment Collapse

CUREE-Caltech Woodframe Project

The CUREE-Caltech Woodframe Project consisted of coordinated engineering investigations and implementation activities whose objective was to significantly reduce earthquake losses to woodframe construction. The project was funded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) through a grant administered by the California Governors Office of Emergency Services.

[See complete list of Woodframe Project publications.]

W-20: Evaluation of Fluid Dampers for Seismic Energy Dissipation
by M. Symans, K. Fridley, W. Cofer, and Y. Du; 2002; 72 pages.


Analytically investigates the suitability of fluid dampers for seismic protection of light-framed wood buildings.

Table of Contents:

Table of Contents
List of Tables
List of Figures

1. Introduction
---- 1.1 Objectives
---- 1.2 Scope

2. Literature Review on Innovative Seismic Protection Systems for Woodframed Buildings
---- 2.1 Innovative Seismic Protection Systems
---- 2.2 Base Isolation Systems for Light-Framed Wood Buildings
---- 2.3 Supplemental Damping Systems for Light-Framed Wood Buildings

3. Model of Woodframed Shearwall
---- 3.1 Description of Wall
---- 3.2 Finite Element Model
---- 3.3 Calibration of Shearwall Model

4. Supplemental Fluid Damper
---- 4.1 Description of Damper
---- 4.2 Dynamic Behavior of Damper and Mathematical Modeling
---- 4.3 Damper Configuration within Shearwall

5. Effect of Fluid Damper on Woodframed Shearwall Behavior
---- 5.1 Dynamic Properties of Shearwall
---- 5.2 Seismic Response
---- 5.2.1 Far-Field Earthquake Motion (Taft Record)
---- 5.2.2 Near-Field Earthquake Motion (Newhall Record)

6. Model of Multi-Story Three-Dimensional Woodframed Building
---- 6.1 Description of Building
---- 6.2 Finite Element Model

7. Effect of Fluid Damper on Woodframed Building Behavior
---- 7.1 Dynamic Properties of Building
---- 7.2 Seismic Response
---- 7.2.1 Symmetric Building – Taft Earthquake Record
---- 7.2.2 Symmetric Building – Newhall Earthquake Record
---- 7.2.3 Asymmetric Building – Taft Earthquake Record
---- 7.2.4 Asymmetric Building – Newhall Earthquake Record

8. Implementation Issues and Recommendations for Further Study

9. Summary and Conclusions

10. References

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